“Aah, that's momma power! is all casalinga - the style you will find in Italian homes and the smaller trattoria in towns and villages throughout the fiddly sauces, just momma power”

Eric Page for Eating Out Magazine

"Italian, organic classic, Zia Teresa can proudly lay claim as one of the originators of the rustic but sophisticated food movement in the area. This hearty favourite has been serving up beautiful simple classics since 1985. Pretty much every new Italian joint in the area should kiss the ring of this institution"

The Food Reporter

“In Melbourne we tend to take places like Zia Teresa almost for granted, (but we fall) upon such restaurants with cries of joy”

The Melbourne Times

“Long before the 'Italian food is seriously hip' revolution, Teresa Bruno began cooking her traditional fare in a humble East Brunswick, gathering a loyal band of regulars in the process"

Angela Kellet - The Age Epicure